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QMaths is an after-school math. It is a unique system of learning math that has been designed to help every child to develop the near perfect skills in the basic arithmetic operations. It helps the child to perform at his / her best.

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Schools have to cover study math curriculum according to the grades and the class must go ahead with syllabus as a group. But some students are fast learners while the others are slow in grasping the concepts. QMaths is a system that allows the individual students to cater his/her needs and abilities. The result is naturally the best expected from him/her.

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QMaths can help children who may be struggling and need help and also those who are good at mathematics and seek enrichment. Our ultimate goal is for weak as well as brilliant students to study above their school grade.

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Yes, Yes. Topics like percentage, profit and loss, fractions, decimals, number system and many more are part of QMaths modules. The concept understanding and the exercises to practice the basic ideas of each chapter make it possible for the student to perform at the highest level.

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A child may be enrolled as early as he/she joins school, and QMaths is attended by students throughout primary and secondary classes. It is always advised to start at a younger age to get best results.

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The QMaths system of teaching helps in developing the habit of self-acquisition of the skills. This empowers children to succeed on their own, giving them a sense of accomplishment. The habit of self-study enables a student to avoid private extra school coaching.

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Yes, in QMaths some of the SUTRAS of Vedic Math are practiced. But it has much more than the use of Vedic Math. Different shortcuts not mentioned in Vedic Math are also used.

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No, it has much more to offer. Moreover, QMaths has developed method of concept level understanding. For MCQ examination students, QMaths has proved a blessing to improve their result.

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QMaths classes are mostly conducted twice a week and students also have the option to attend the class once a week. The class is for two hours a day. There is no home work therefore the students and the parents do not have to spare any extra time. The basic modules consists of fifteen classes or thirty hour coaching.

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The specially designed worksheets, the computer based timed drill program, the oral drilling and the basic concept understanding are the major tools in the QMaths class room. The system is such that at every stage there is competition in speed as well accuracy by which the students are tempted to always be the best among the students. The system is interesting as well as result oriented.

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It varies from student to student. We are interested in developing the better study attitude, a deep understanding of the subject, the practice to make everything as handy as one can just imagine, and development of irreversible confidence in the subject and to be fast while not compromising with the accuracy. QMaths is not meant to be a “quick-buck” but an ongoing process. Generally parents are advised to keep their children enrolled for at least six months to a year or stay with QMaths for years thereafter to judge the effectiveness of the system.

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Generally it is felt that some of the after school programs are ineffective after a certain age or grades or even harmful in higher studies, but QMaths is such a program that is useful from First grade to secondary classes and even in competition examinations.

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QMaths is no way related to ABACUS but its modules contain VEDIC MATH, SPEED MATH shortcuts. QMAths is something more than VEDIC MATH, SPEED MATH or QUICK MATH. It consists of practice modules for addition, subtraction, multiplication, multiplication and division. School math concept clearing workbooks are also an important part of QMaths.It has also many Math Games based on Math by Fun concept.


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