QMaths® is far more systematic, coherent and unified than the conventional system. It develops the mind of the student in such a way that he becomes more logistic, creative as well as mentally active. Students find much fun, sport, flexibility, self-confidence and above all, a sense of satisfaction in Mathematics.

QMaths® is a unique system of teaching mathematics with basic concept knowledge. Here, students love to enjoy math through interesting shortcuts. For QMaths® students, math calculation is a game.

We teach same math but with a different approach.

QMaths Journey

The journey of QMaths started long back, that is more than two decades, when Mr. Surinder Bharti Tiwari, our founder and his team felt during their journey of teaching mathematics that “Math is the most wrongly taught subject”. If we try to teach students by cramming or copy-paste, it will be the solution of that particular question and not the other questions of the same chapter. Many students think it as a burden which increases with every passing day and promotion in grade. Concepts become burden and accuracy becomes pain as it is treated by teachers as well as parents a HAVOC! Which is actually not. If in the beginning years, the children are given the opportunity to perform drill on operations keeping both speed as well as accuracy in mind, the concepts being taught in simplified manner, then there is no way that a child find Mathematics as a burden. With this thought, we come up with the idea of creating QMaths where Q represents Quest followed by Quick.

QMaths is an organization which is of the belief that “Mathematics should be fun”. Here at QMaths we have designed Holistic way that incorporates the ancient and time-tested formulae of Mathematical knowledge of Vedic Math and conditioned it as per today’s Mathematics requirements to make the subject more relevant and interesting. We at QMaths, has simplified the Sutras of Vedic Mathematics which means that calculations can be carried out mentally and the student’s thought process becomes clear as it involves application of the concepts. Pupils of the subject starts inventing their own methods as per their horizon.


Our VISION is PACE with the following concepts:

P          Perfection through Practice

A         Accuracy with Speed

C         Concept Level Understanding

E          Elimination of Math Phobia



QMaths modules contain VEDIC MATH, SPEED MATH shortcuts. QMaths is something more than VEDIC MATH, SPEED MATH or QUICK MATH. It consists of practice modules for addition, subtraction, multiplication, multiplication and division. School math concept clearing workbooks are also an important part of QMaths. It has also many Math Games based on Math by Fun concept. Some common concerns about math education has been addressed in our teaching methods.


QMaths resolve to eliminate math phobia from the world. Let the students be explained every concept to a great depth and mathematics be taught only logically. No question put up by any student should go unanswered.

Music of Reasoning, Accuracy and Facts should always be tuned in their minds.

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