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Why study with us?

Personized & customized Course

Our faculty, with the help of our academic counsellors, assesses the strength and weaknesses of the individual student. A personalized and customized course is followed for the best results. We always remain open to advise or request by the student or the parents.

Personal faculty (Teacher of your choice)

The faculty assigned for the ‘Free Demo Class’ will be taking the regular class as well. One-to-one virtual classes with QMaths’ expert faculty is one the best customized learning. We do provide an alternate faculty in case of any issue.

Dedicated teacher and account manager

An expert faculty is assigned who remain always dedicated to her/his job. The faculty assures special attention to clear the student’s doubts taking personal care. The assigned accounts manager is always there to answer your queries.

Trained faculty for in-depth concept clearance

Concept clearance is one of our important features of One-to-One Virtual Classes with QMaths’ expert faculty. Related examples make the concept clear in depth.

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How much do lessons cost?

Prices start at


for one private lesson

Maths mastery at your fingertips. Conquer equations from the comfort of your couch.

Stories that inspire

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to our students’ inspiring stories and learn how QMaths’ has made a meaningful impact in their lives by helping them cruise through their learning journey.

Have questions?

What is One-to-One Virtual Tuition Class?

QMaths’ One-to-One Virtual tuition classes is one of the best learning programs. A student will get personalized attention, live question-answer and complete syllabus coverage of the board of studies. QMaths’ will assign a particular faculty for the One-to-One Virtual tuition classes. The student will have the liberty to learn the difficult topics as per her/his own schedule.

How One-to-One Virtual tuition class benefits the students?

QMaths’ One-to-One Virtual tuition classes gives you the super experience of personalized education.  We offer these classes for students of classes Kg to grade 12. The faculty teaches according to your schedule, your pace of studies and your preferences.

How I can join QMaths’ One-to-One Virtual tuition classes?

Please share your details by clicking the link below. One of our team members will surely connect you as soon as possible.


What is the medium of instruction for QMaths’ One-to-One Virtual tuition classes?

QMaths’ One-to-One Virtual tuition classes are available in English only.

Do QMaths offer a class for first-hand experience of the classes?

Of course, please click the link given below and fill the form. We offer a FREE DEMO CLASS. The faculty taking the demo class will be your regular faculty if you join QMaths.


Students of which board of studies can take QMaths’ One-to-One Virtual tuition classes?

QMaths’ One-to-One Virtual tuition classes are available for CBSE, ICSE, Common Core (USA), Australian Board, IGCSE & IB.

What is the duration of the class?

It is 60 minutes class generally. Still, it depends upon the requirement of the student.

How is schedule of the class fixed?

After the free demo class, the faculty decides the schedule of the class with the help of the student/parents as per the requirement of the student. It all depends upon the course, the areas to be improved and other factors.

What would be the mode of payment to QMaths?

We offer different payment methods that include online payments, UPI and different payment gateways. Our accounts manager will guide you according to your geographic location.

Will the faculty take a makeup class If I miss my regular session?

If the class is missed with prior intimation to faculty, the class is generally rescheduled by the faculty as per the availability of time. If it happens that the faculty wants the class to be rescheduled due to some exigency, the faculty must take the missed class.

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